Charles has added a countdown on the front page. As of now it’s there’s only 188 hours left. We won’t actually know the exact time until the day before -ah, the mystery of childbirth (and hospital logistics).

In the meantime, here’s our schedule for our last weekend BC (before child):

Friday night:

Movie: (Dan in Real Life is supposed to be good)

Saturday morning:

Coffee at Hernandez 9:30am (to read paper for as long as we want)

Wander up Oxford to window shop and say goodbye to the latest fashions

Saturday night:

Sob that we’re missing Larissa & Darren’s wedding

Waratahs v Hurricanes 7:30p at Mansions pub in Kings Cross

Sunday morning:

Breakfast at Lemon 10a.m.

Sunday afternoon:


Visit the nieces in North Sydney

Sunday night:

Tropfest 7ish in the Domain

Any other activities you would suggest? Hard to know what we’re going to miss…

2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I know you are doing this but you might want to do it again: go to a movie in a theater. Pick one that everyone seems to be talking about. Get some popcorn and a drink. Enjoy the sticky floor and the people talking loudly behind you. Afterwards, do anything, as long as it isn’t planned.

    Good luck with everything!

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