9 thoughts on “39 weeks

  1. Wow. It’s surreal that you will have this baby very soon. Time went for fast. One moment the house is quiet, the next it’s not – for oh, 18 years….
    Big hug!

  2. I’m ALMOST ready for it to be over. The waddling and having to roll over all the time at night is a bit much. But still, that whole not being alone again for 18 years thing is hard to get the head around.

  3. I used to think it was over in 18 years but it’s not. I’ve talked with lots of parents of adult children and they also think it is challenging to say the least, mostly because the parents can no longer see to it that the diet is good and healthy, that there is plenty of sleep, and sometimes the hugs across huge distances are impossible to feel, and the agony of watching a grown child suffer where “kiss it and make it better” no longer works and finally, as my grandmother told me, love grows daily.

  4. I hope you take a picture right before delivery…I mean before you head to the hospital. And maybe with your shirt pulled up so we can really see you baby belly. 🙂

    I’m so excited for you! Last night I dreamed you and I were swimming and you had the baby in the water while we were swimming and “it” (I didn’t pay attention to if it was a boy or girl) was BEAUTIFUL! And you were so surprised at how easy it was to give birth…after all that worrying. 🙂

    Big hugs and love to you and Charles as you welcome your new Reed-Young baby. We can’t wait to see all the pictures!!

  5. WOW! Just a few more days and you two will be a threesome! We are so happy for you and love the website. I left it up the other night so Eli could check it out, he wanted to know why 7000 days. I explained. You are in our thoughts often. Love from Alaska!

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