38 weeks


Suddenly feeling very pregnant. Waddling. Shuffling about slowly.

No turning yet. Were signed up for an appointment where they turn it manually but there weren’t enough fluids to do it. All is well otherwise -heart rate, size, movement and weight: 8 lbs! That c-section isn’t looking so bad now. It’s scheduled for the 20th, by the way, unless labor kicks off before hand.

Have finished all of my work projects -just need to sort out my taxes really quick. THEN it can come.

(still doesn’t feel real yet!)

7 thoughts on “38 weeks

  1. Do I see the faint hint of an outie bellybutton? And 8 pounds!! I’m glad everything’s in good shape and all systems are go. Love, AL

  2. Gasp. 8 pounds. Whoosh. Lena was my big baby at 7.7.

    I am all excited. I will be with the aforementioned big baby on the 20th, or the above Grauntie so we will celebrate for you.

    So close. So close. I love you so much, Em.

  3. Interestingly she giggles and wiggles if you tickle the outie belly button.

    But it is definitely out. If she were a turkey, you’d definitely be taking her out of the oven and leaving her on a bench to rest before carving. Actually, come to think about it …

  4. I am so excited for you as this is going to be the greatest achievement of your life and you will be a wonderful, yummy mummy! Can’t wait to share some of the insights we have gained just recently too. Remember to put your special day 1 (or is it zero) wrap in your bed a few nights before 20th so bubs has your smell while you in post op. R x

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