Missing my muesli

So we’re trying a few things to get the baby to turn.

The first thing I did was go to my friend who is an Alexander Techniques instructor -and also a midwife. She taught me how stand, sit and walk without wrenching my neck as I do by habit. This puts less pressure on the spine and hips and generally gives the whole bump more room. When I remember, I feel a remarkable difference in energy. Charles has even started doing it. Says it feels like we’re walking with books on our heads. But it just looks like good posture.

She also told me to put my feet up on the wall 3x a day with a pillow under my butt -a bit of gentle upsidedown-ness.

Everyonce in a while I’ll do a handstand in the pool.

My friend Lisa, a maternity nurse, told me that for low fluids they recommend lots of water and bedrest to their patients. So now Charles has become a nap Nazi. Think he might just be a little jealous.

My friend Sharon was told to just visualize the baby turning, which worked for her, so I’m doing that too.

And then on Tuesday I went for acupuncture. They stuck in a few needles and I had a lovely nap. And then she held a cigar-shaped burning stick above my little toe just far enough away so it doesn’t burn. She gave me two sticks and told me to do it for 20 minutes 2x a day for 5 days. So each night now, Charles and I go to the back patio and sit there in the smoke and the whole house smells of it when you walk in. The baby has been much more active though, especially at night so we’ll see.

And finally, they also suggested that I may have a cold liver and I’m not to eat anything raw or cold -ie directly from the fridge for the next 5 days. It’s been harder than I thought -no humous, no cottage cheese, having to turn on the stove…

So there you go. All worth a try, I figure. Either way, by Sunday morning I’ll be back to slouching over my cold-milk covered muesli.

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  1. Emily,
    Another close friend of mine used acupuncture and Chinese Moxa sticks to help turn the baby and it worked, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Kneeling for 10 -20 mins a day with knees apart and forehead leaning forward on a cushion, with your buttocks up higher than your forehead .. is also supposed to help…
    I hope my instructions make more sense to you than they do to me….they make sense in my head…not just in writing.
    Baby and Mommy will be just fine.


    How times have changed – in my day c-sections were on a Friday !

    Harriet was born by emergency c-section (no running, no screaming, no hysteria, just after trying for 30 hours). I didn’t go to the talk on c-sections (there was my arrogance and my downfall) and had no idea what to expect. I did feel a bit cheated at the time but the only thing that really got to me were the comments like “I told MY ob that no matter how much I begged NOT to give me a c-section”. All very well but if that was my choice we wouldn’t have Harriet (or Tom (born on a Friday) or Alice (born on a Friday)). Ask Grandad for the graphic details of the olden days if you need more information.

    The same rule applies to c-sections as it does to homebirths. If you think it is going to be dreadful….. and just think people take all sorts of extreme measures to get drugs that you are going to be given, free ! I practically drove myself home after having Alice. Well OK Grandad did but I am sure I took the kids to kindi the next week. You may need to lie in bed for 40 days – this is good aswell. However, if you have to take the stairs to get in and out of the apartment I can only imagine your recovery will be almost instant ! Besides which after you give birth it isn’t about YOU anymore (sorry if I am the first person with this news).

    This baby business is full of “nazis” first birth, then breast feeding. What about the introduction of solids ! YIKES a minefield (lumps or pureed). If you use cloth (the condescending “ooh aren’t you good”). What about sleep patterns – I could write a book on that one. Then you move onto education (I love that those baby einsteen videos (I mean DVDs) have been shown to delay speech !!!). Childcare, pre-school, public vs private etc etc. What about after school activities – you can’t imagine the lasting damage from too many not to mention too few.

    It doesn’t end and it never can because in the end everyone is just trying to do their best (or is it THE BEST ??) and justify their decisions along the way. It just doesn’t always come out the nicest way !

    Decide what you want, be VERY FLEXIBLE, what works one day may not the next. A good theory (like cloth nappies) may not work all the time (like on an airplane as oozing poo is often a conundrum and 30,000 feet and very small toilets just add to the degree of difficulty). Copy good things you see, remember how you saw the mother deal so calmly with the tantrum child in the supermarket – you may need to draw on this later ! Don’t copy awful things (this is sometimes harder than it seems!). Be kind to yourself – sometimes you will get it all horribly wrong – that’s OK – tomorrow is another day. My kids have survived me so you have no worries !

    Put your feet up, rest, go see some good movies (like our family video) which make you laugh and practice “water off a duck’s back” combined with “in one ear and out the other”.

    If all else fails and you remain disappointed you could always HAVE A SECOND ONE !

    Aunty Lisa (mother of three of the worst creatures ever delivered by c-section)

    PS I haven’t forgotten the video on your blog……just planning my revenge
    PPS It could be to do with your having possibly bred the butt out of our family line! (see photo 33 weeks)
    PPPS No pressure but Tom has just suffered the birth of 2 more girl cousins……

  3. Thanks Lisa! Your three horrors are indeed the best advertisements for c-sections. There is much more to say about your wonderful words of advice but I just have to say first: I may not have been successful in the butt department (try as I and BOTH of my parents might) because for awhile the OB thought the baby’s head was down where it was supposed to be -but it turned out just to be it’s rather solid heiny.

  4. You did all of these things? Too funny.

    Maybe you should chant ancient Mayan tongue while rubbing cocount oil on your belly button while standing backwards to the sun every 2nd day at noon.

    My friend did that AND IT WORKED!

  5. Of course I’m late to the conversation – moving and without a computer made us incredibly disconnected! Just wanted to comment that I had an issue with very low amniotic fluid about a week before Lila was due, and after 24 hours of bedrest and drinking an incredible amount of water, we were back to normal levels, luckily.

    As for the breeched baby – we got some advice during our prenatal classes about that situation- luckily we didn’t have to try any of them so I’m not giving any personal endorsements, but another idea in addition the ones you’ve tried. It sounds kooky, but the nurse said that in many scandinavian countries, women use music to lure the baby to turn around. This means spending some time (usually nap time) with a stereo/CD player/whatever between your knees with soothing music that will make the baby want to get closer to hear… Or maybe your kid would be more enticed by Tori Amos.

    Anyway, good luck, and even if the baby doesn’t turn and you do have to have a C-section, the most memorable thing is actually seeing the baby for the first time, and that doesn’t change with the method of delivery…


  6. Thanks for this Lena -will definitely give it a try. And Jake, if I can track down a couple Mayan lullabys, I’ll be sure to do it at noon. Coconut butter is apparently great for stretch marks. : )

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