36 weeks


Went to a black-tie wedding this weekend. A very nice friend lent me a very stretchy dress. It was a great wedding too -they are both involved in all sorts of community theatre so they had lots of fabulous performances. And of course tons of soft cheese, shell fish and high-priced champagne which I’m sure was all incredibly delicious.

6 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. Not to be crude, but I have to envy your lack of boobage, at least as far as your photos show. By the end of the 2nd month my boobs, already on the large size of medium, had grown to twice the size and now, I’m afraid, are taking over my body. One source shows that they should weigh approx. 1 lb. during pregnancy. Mine, I’m quite sure, are responsible for all of my weight gain up to now. They better regress (and not downward) after this baby stops breastfeeding.

    Regardless, you look wonderful in that black number. As far as the shell fish and the cheese go, I’ve discovered that sushi (though it isn’t soft cheese or shellfish) may not be off limits (hey, what about all those Japanese mothers) and will be interrogating my doctor about it at the next visit. Tuna roll, here I come.

  2. Actually I was hoping for more boobage -one of the few perks of all this expanding. Perhaps you could loan me some?

    Oh, and they did happen to have sushi during the drinks part and make no mistake, tuna roll was eaten.

  3. Dream on about the non-effects of gravity on heavier than ususal breasts … I was 19 when I discovered the inevitability of this law of nature. However, I’ve always counted my two children as well worth the dip in perkiness.

  4. Smoking! Love the frock and the glam silhouette. Yes, I’ve done the sushi as well, and lived to tell the tale (the baby also seems to be fine, so far).

  5. I’ve heard about wearing a bra at night. I may start doing that. So far they remain upright (or maybe that’s outright), but it’s only a matter of time.

    Glad to hear that sushi isn’t necessarily on the prohibited list…

    You should take a picture of the newly set car seat and all your goodies!

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