Pregnancy P0rn

Ok, this cracked me up: it seems there’s a whole category on the internet devoted to pregnancy fetishes.


Not that I’m judging in any way, but it cracks me up because is so opposite to all the other stuff out there about this special time in a woman’s life -the pastel nappy carriers and adorable teddy bears.

Let alone the backaches, belly bras and bloated ankles.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy P0rn

  1. I’m sure there are more racy, full frontal nudity photos, but it seems funny to me that the focus would be on the pregnant belly. Personally, I remember seeing a photo of Melissa Gilbert, post-Little House, in an old Entertainment Weekly where she was very pregnant and was nude. She was wrapped in a cream-colored gauzy fabric and was kind of lit so that you couldn’t see the details of her naked body, but you could see very clearly see the outline of her rounded belly. I thought it was one of the most beautiful photos I’d ever seen of her. There truly is something sexy and lovely and astounding about a pregnant woman.

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