4 thoughts on “Beer bellies

  1. It makes me wonder how old those drinking guidelines were and why it took this long to update the safe amounts…especially the amount for pregnant women.

  2. Europe and Australia seem to be more relaxed about this. A lot of my pregnancy books also say it’s ok to have the occasional drink. Such a funny thought to me though, coming from the US where it’s seen as the equivalent to punching yourself in the stomach.

  3. I know there’s lots of research supporting why not to do it, but most of that research is likely “extreme” cases. Women have had a glass of wine or two during pregnancy for years and *not* had stupid or defected babies. It’s not a reason to have a drink, but it’s like all the other “don’ts” during pregnancy…some of them are founded and some are paranoia. Most should definitely err on the side of caution, but at the same time, it’s meant to make women feel like they are the devil if they don’t adhere to the strict guidelines. More reason for judgement I guess.

  4. I have two perspectives on this issue. The first one was my negligence about alcohol and cannabis when I was preggers with both of my kids. So far they don’t seem to be mental and emotional midgets, but I don’t live with them any more and maybe their partners are covering for them.

    However, a perspective I believe I would adopt were I a breeder now is that both of my granddotters were born to women who were “purists”, for a lack of a better word, and for that I am grateful. As was explained to me, by abstaining from all the taboos during those 7,000 days, they were making sure that should the baby have any problem, they would feel bad enough without wondering if something they did contributed to the problem. This thinking makes most sense to me and I am pleased to be taught something from these young women.

    The whole point is why risk it?

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