The belly

Here’s a picture of this week. Not sure it’s changed much but thought I’d put these up weekly anyway. Also, I should mention that due to the weight gain, this is not all pregnancy but also includes several layers of ‘cushion’


5 thoughts on “The belly

  1. There’s definitely a difference from the last picture. It seems as though changes come so much more quickly and obviously during later pregnancy. You look so cute with your belly and skinny legs. Pregnancy agrees with you!

  2. You “caliente mama” you!!

    You look sooooo cute.. you should be pregnant all the time…..ok maybe not!

    love you!!

  3. You are so darling, Em. And this is the first picture of you I have ever seen which conjures up Grandma Millie. I can’t put my finger on it but it’s there.

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