So I was in Singapore last week and when I got off the plane on Friday, my ankles were no where to be found. They say you gain 25% more blood while pregnant and mine pretty much decided to have a party in my legs.

Here is a picture taken that night -over 12 hours later:

The bottom was all squished up from my sock. Looks just like a giant chicken leg hu?

5 thoughts on “Flying

  1. Get rid of the trouser socks with elastic. Plane rides are really hard on your legs. Put them up whenever you can. I’m so excited for you and Charles. Connie

  2. Emily,

    With my first two babies, I didn’t jump on the swollen thing fast enough, and by the time the babies came, I could only wear flip flops or sandals that would fit my huge huge feet. With my last pregnancy, I started wearing granny support hose right away and it made a big difference. Don’t know if you want to give it a try, but it helps things be a bit more comfortable. You look so great! I can’t wait to see the baby.

  3. I thought the husband or partner was supposed to be a pregnant woman’s personal masseuse during pregnancy. Didn’t Charles sign a contract to that effect when you guys got married?

  4. Em – I just saw your post about swollen ankles and feet. I just think you should know that your grandma Roberts and your Aunt Lani both retained lots of water while pregnant. It can be dangerous and should be mentioned to your physician or naturopath. I had to go on a salt free diet with Jeff, just to prevent problems with the rest of the pregnancy. In my second, with Jake, I took 100 mg. of Vit. B6 from the beginning and retained no water. Love, Aunt Lani

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