To peek or not to peek?

When we got our last ultrasound, we had the chance to find out the gender. But one of us wanted to know and the other didn’t.

The pros of finding out are that we’ll have more time to get used to the idea, that it may feel more real and that we’ll have to think of fewer names : )

The pros to waiting are that it will be a surprise on the big day and that we won’t have so much time thinking about it’s gender alone.

The technician told us that it’s split about 50/50, by the way, between those who find out and those who don’t.

We decided to ask her to put the answer in an envelope so we could open it (or not) at a later date. So there it sits on our table, tempting us with a vision of the future…


3 thoughts on “To peek or not to peek?

  1. It is quite the reward after going through “labor” and all the pushing to hear the words that you’ve been so curious about for 9 months….”It’s a boy/girl!!!!” And it’s worth every second of what you’ve just been through.

  2. Well, Emily. You probably know how I feel having done it three times…I say wait! There are so few truly wonderful surprises these days. Besides, does it really matter if it’s a boy or a girl? You’ll love the baby regardless. (jumping off my soap box now.)

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