5 thoughts on “Starting to show

  1. It looks like all your hard work with exercising has paid off and you will be one of those envied pregnant women with stick legs and a small pregnant bump. I can’t wait to see the progression. I wish I could be there (or you could be here)!

  2. It’s weird. I should be much bigger than I am based on what I’m eating. But I have kept up the exercise so that helps. But I’ve definitely gained weight too –not counting the softball and the 25% more blood.

    Ad, you like that? I’m hoping it will get me more seats on buses.

  3. It’s magic. All you need is to pant heavily and gently rock backwards and forwards.
    You know you ain’t gettin’ no seat honey. I love that ad on tv where the pregnant lady wallops the business guy over the head with the toy!
    There’s a little belly there :o) And I got the wool today for a little baby jumpsuit…

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