Saturday, 1 September 2007

My cousin Jake asked me today if I’ll be staying vegetarian while I’m pregers. Yes, but I’m eating more fish -so not strictly.

Basically, the thing is that I have to make sure I have enough protein and that I get enough iron. But I’ve already been careful of this since I met with a nutritionist 9 months ago when I first started working out.

Studies show that vegetarians have very healthy babies and actually come in with high birth weights (which apparently is a good thing -for the baby at least, not so sure about the mother).

And did I mention I have the blood of a 25 year old?

We have talked about feeding the kid meat when it gets here. Not right away, of course. Might wait til it has teeth. But we want to make sure it gets good nutrition. Still need to research that though.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this…

3 thoughts on “Saturday, 1 September 2007

  1. Glad to hear it. There’s always red beans and rice New Orleans style, for a little protein supplement in between the fish. Yum.

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