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It was fun telling the writing group. I told them by introducing the new blog and showing them one of the first pictures that I would post. Nic figured it out first and then they all jumped up and gave me hugs. God I love them.

We wrote a bit that day, so I jotted down my first thoughts. The prompt to get us writing was “write about a dream you have”:

“I have worries – is that the same? Worries that I’ll never contribute to the world. That I’ll get sucked into the  minutia of mommy land and never have time again. But I suppose that worries are based on dreams at their core -so if I turn it around, my dreams are that this pregnancy focuses things and allows me to finally produce something (creatively). I’ve gotten so used to this huge list in my head of all the things I want to do -the book, the business, the conference, the comedy, the zen, the washing feet volunteering thing… and all the time in the world to do it. Now I look down the tunnel of time and see 3 months of freedom left. Three months, I might add, without coffee, calimari or soft cheese -so I don’t know what kind of a freedom that is. So I see that I need to pare down my list. Choose just one thing I want to accomplish. Just one. Is it the book? Or will the business take it all? Comedy most certainly is out -unless I come up with a hilarious pregnant woman routine… See?! I keep these ideas open in my head and it must stop! And how am I not going to work? I picture hours alone in the flat with no one to talk with -just a tiny little pooping/feeding machine. My friends off drinking champagne (mmmm champagne) and forgetting to sms. I’ll be a different marketing category after all -DINK no more.  Mommy’s group, says Charles. Am I the only one that think that sounds scary? Nothing in common except the fact we all had sex in May?”

2 thoughts on “Writing group

  1. Ahh mothers group. I thought that whole concept was so vile and sooo not me that I almost didn’t go. The first few meetings were really awkward. After 6 weeks of organised gatherings we were on our own – at the last minute one person whispered that she would like to see me again – so a group was formed. And the rest of the story is 10 years later she was one of the people we saw when we were back in Sydney for 10 days. It doesn’t work out for everyone but we have had some great times, been away on weekends, and shared all the trials and tribulations and, of course joy, of motherhood. At the end of the day it is a group of people all taken out of their current existence at the same time to do exactly the same thing (and you may even find some like minded folk). Mothers group are truly interested in discussing at great length all the minutia of child rearing. This is good as you can save any remnants of normal conversation for your other friends ! If your mothers group is totally potty this is good too as it helps you feel refreshingly normal, capable and sane.

  2. Yes, I’m already watching myself to make sure I don’t talk too much about baby stuff with my normal friends (“did you know you can rent a car seat!?”). So maybe it will be good to have a place to get it all out.

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