Young family gathering


Lisa, Duncan and the kids are here visiting from Texas and we are all at Charles’ folks’ place for a family gathering. Perfect timing. We literally left the OB/GYN’s office with the good news and drove directly here last night.

I left it up to Charles how to tell everyone. I thought maybe he’d wait until everyone was sitting down for dinner and he would casually slip it into the conversation. Nope. When we pulled in last night, Charles’ folks were still waiting up and he told them as soon as we walked in.

It was so fun. They were very happy and at one point even jumping up and down. His Mum said, “I didn’t think you were going to have them -and I was ok with that- but this is very good news.”

I could hardly sleep at night. From that and the wind against the camper trailer walls, and the next morning Charles and I were the first ones up.

His folks’ fridge is covered in pictures of grandchildren and it’s a running joke that, according to the fridge, Charles and his brother Richard don’t actually exist.

So Charles put one of the ultrasound pictures up on the fridge and just waited to see if anyone would notice.

After about an hour, he couldn’t wait any longer and told the kids to look for something new in the house. 15 minutes later Tom walked in holding the photo asking, ‘what is this?’

Then I spent a leisurely day writing emails to tell people and listening to great advice from Sally and Lisa. Including tales of tearing and pooing and the lot.

Several times during the day, one of the men would casually walk into the living room, holding a cup of coffee, hear a few words of the conversation and kinda stop mid-step and back out.

I must admit that I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed at times myself. This is the first time that I’ve allowed myself to really count on the idea that this is going to happen. It hits me in waves. Little tiny laps of panic.

And it’s nice to look over to Charles every once in a while to see a little flash of terror cross his face as well. It’s comforting to know I have company.

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