Definitely baby brain

So I met with my GP yesterday. She’s wonderful. When I told her I was pregnant, she was all happy and excited. It was kinda cool.

What wasn’t so cool was having to do a pap smear. Never one of  my favourite pass times. I hate the scraping, you know? But I suppose it had to be done.

I also had to have blood drawn and to pee in a cup and take it to a lab. Which I did today.  So I had my cup and another tube thing and a couple of official looking forms for the lab and somehow I got mixed up and well… I peed in both tubes.

As I was walking to the lab with my two yellow samples, I started to have the feeling that maybe something wasn’t right. And sure enough, it turns out the second tube was the sample from my pap smear that the lab was also meant to check.  The small office of five people all looked at me as I explained what happened and all did their best not to laugh until after I left.

I have an appointment to have another pap smear tomorrow.

One thought on “Definitely baby brain

  1. I was wondering what you were doing typing all day and all night these past few weeks.

    While you said you were doing work…

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