Pay back

Dear Future Bub,

I passed up the most delicious looking appetizers tonight.  I was at a business function in an upscale hotel where handsome waiters in black floated by with trays of champagne and imported beer.

The first round of delicacies included a little tart with chopped mushrooms, topped with… melted brie.  So I let that go by.

The next  was a lightly battered…calamari.

Now, I don’t mind the nausea (ok, I do –but I accept that it’s a condition of the condition) but this whole giving up my favourite foods thing is a bit much.  No coffee. No cheese. No yummy red wine.

I know there are going to be sacrifices. I’m ready for them. But I’m also going to start a little tally of every amazing food I have to pass up for you in the next 7 months.  And for each one I get a ‘because I said so’ to spend at any time in your entire lifetime.

I think that’s fair. Makes me feel better in any case.

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