Ok, so I never get sick when I go to India.  And this time, I was incredibly careful -only drank bottled water, washed my hands at every turn with special disinfectant, and absolutely no salads or anything that could have been washed in water.

But, of course, I got sick.

Five whole days of keeping nothing in the stomach.  If I ate, I felt sick from the Delhi belly. If I didn’t eat, I felt sick from the nausea. Lots of fun!

The great thing was that I lost about 6 kg (12 lbs) -finally, after all those months of working out! But I had to put it back on right away for the health of the fetus. Finally lose weight and can’t keep it off. Sigh.

There was a moment there for about 10 mins somewhere in Mumbai where my stomach was flat and the boobs weren’t. Probably the peak of my entire life. And, because we were in India, people kept telling me I was too skinny.

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