Thursday, 21 June 2007

Bought a pregnancy test today. Went to the pharmacy and looked at the three options on the shelf. It was interesting because I knew none of the brands –hadn’t even heard of them -and since I’m in marketing this is really rare for me.

So I looked at them. The most expensive was $17 and the cheapest was $9.99. They all promised accurate fast, results so the main difference seemed to be the little plastic thing that held the strip. Who cares about that right?

But then I had a little moment in my head where I was showing Charles the plus sign –maybe I’d have him open a little card with the strip tucked inside? No, too bulky. A little box instead. Like for a ring. Or a pen. Yes, a pen box would be long enough. And I could take him for a walk in the park and then just hand it to him to open. You’d want the nice plastic in that case, wouldn’t you?

But what if I’m not pregnant? What if I’m just late because I’ve been working out so much? The better one is almost twice the cost and I could end up buying quite a few of these things over the next several months…

Am I pregnant? I mean, I could be pregnant RIGHT NOW. Life forever and totally changed. Priorities fundamentally shifted.

Or it could be nothing again. Each time the period comes it feels like forever until we get the chance to try again. A whole nother month. At least I’d be able to have a glass of wine with Michael and Nicole this weekend.

So I got the cheapest one. The one that doesn’t have a plastic case. “Not good for the environment” was the thought that sealed it.

It’s sitting in my bag now, ready to shove me off this little perch of potential.

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